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Chances and risks.

Is your company planning to expand into the Polish market?

Increase your chances of successful expansion and reduce the financial risks associated with its failure!

If your company operates in the renewable energy sector and needs local support in starting, organizing, or developing your business in Poland, take advantage of RES Hamilton’s services.

RES Hamilton specializes in collaborating with companies in the renewable energy sector in many areas.


Culture and language

The company must deal with cultural and linguistic differences in the new country, which can affect the way it presents its products or services and conducts business.


Law and regulations

The company must know and comply with legal regulations in the foreign market, which may require significant financial and time investments.



The company must compete with established competitors in the foreign market who are already well-versed in local conditions and have a solid position.



The company must ensure smooth logistics to deliver its products or services to the new market, which may require changes in production and supply processes.



The company must adapt its financial strategies to the new market, taking into account differences in currencies, tax rates, bidding costs, and accounting requirements.



The company must build a team in the new country that is well-versed in local conditions, which may require recruiting and training new employees.



The company must adjust its communication to the new market to effectively reach customers and business partners in a clear and understandable way.



The company must adapt its marketing strategies to the new market, taking into account differences in consumer preferences and behavior.


Political and economic issues

The company must monitor and adjust its business strategies to changes in the country’s politics and economy, which can affect the market situation and consumers.


Social and ethical issues

The company must comply with social and ethical norms in the country where it operates, which may require adapting its products or services to local requirements and norms.

Why is it worth using RES Hamilton's services?

A company entering a new foreign market must face various problems and barriers that may hinder its functioning in that market.